A 20th Century Modernist Marvel: Eileen Gray’s E-1027

One of the places we visited while living in Ireland was the Museum of Decorative Arts and History. My husband loves mid-century design and is particularly enamored with the Irish designer Eileen Gray. We ended up spending much of our time in the Eileen Gray exhibit chatting with the very friendly docent. She told usContinue reading “A 20th Century Modernist Marvel: Eileen Gray’s E-1027”

The Magic of Christmastime in London

As I mentioned in my Paris blog, one of the great benefits of our time as expats in Dublin was the ability to easily travel to other places in Europe. We took a few trips to the UK during that time, and one of my favorites was our 2016 London Christmastime City Break. After ourContinue reading “The Magic of Christmastime in London”

Touring Utah’s Big Five National Parks

Having lived in the western US for most of my life, it’s surprising that I’ve never been to any of Utah’s National Parks. So when my niece and some friends invited us to join them on a 10 day driving tour through Utah, we jumped at the chance. We decided to go in early November,Continue reading “Touring Utah’s Big Five National Parks”

Cruising the Danube from Bucharest to Budapest

I’ve missed traveling over the past eighteen months, so I was very excited to be taking our first international trip since Covid shut things down. We decided to join some friends on a Danube river cruise with Brand g vacations. It was our first trip with Brand g, and also the first time we cruisedContinue reading “Cruising the Danube from Bucharest to Budapest”

Cruising the Danube from Budapest to Prague

After too long without travel, we finally have a new trip to Europe coming up. Soon we will be embarking on a Brand G river cruise, sailing up the Danube from Bucharest to Budapest. Planning for this trip got me thinking about the first Danube river cruise we took many years ago, so I thoughtContinue reading “Cruising the Danube from Budapest to Prague”

My Favorite Beach Town

Having lived in Southern California most of my life, you’d expect my favorite beach town would be something like Laguna, or Newport or maybe even Venice. While they all have their charms, my favorite beach town is actually in Oregon. I love Cannon Beach. Places to Stay While I haven’t stayed in every hotel inContinue reading “My Favorite Beach Town”

Safari Through Southern Africa

When I was in the second grade, our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. I proudly shared with the class that I wanted to be a zoologist. The teacher seemed surprised, and asked me “you want to go into the cages and clean up the elephant poop?” The restContinue reading “Safari Through Southern Africa”

An Idyllic Long Weekend on Nantucket

Nantucket, what a romantic island getaway! My husband Dennis read a few of Elin Hilderbrand’s Nantucket rom-coms which inspired him to see the island. We also wanted to visit a good friend that had recently moved from CA to MA, so after spending a few days at his house overlooking scenic Lake Boone we madeContinue reading “An Idyllic Long Weekend on Nantucket”

Which European Country Should You Visit First?

People that have never traveled to Europe sometimes ask me which country they should visit first. While Paris is my favorite city and Ireland will always have a special place in my heart, Italy is the country I recommend for your first European vacation. Why do we travel? Many of us travel to meet newContinue reading “Which European Country Should You Visit First?”